In the News: The Kratom Debate

September 10, 2018 by C. Scott McMillin

The real issue is that Kratom use is already so widespread that attempts at a total ban would inevitably create hardship for those who are already dependent on the drug, as well as fuel the appearance of a thriving black market.

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In the News: The FDA in Action?

April 23, 2018 by C. Scott McMillin

It’s a move that helps bring the FDA on board with the CDC, instead of simply reviewing and approving new pharmaceutical opioids for the marketplace.

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Searching for a Substitute

November 30, 2017 by C. Scott McMillin

If addiction really is a brain disorder based in complex adaptations to a substance, then who’s to say those adaptations won’t occur with a different drug?

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In the News: Kaos Around Kratom

September 19, 2016 by C. Scott McMillin

It may be that kratom is a drug that some can use without much difficulty, while for others, it becomes pathological.

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In the News: Kratom

January 11, 2016 by C. Scott McMillin

Sometimes it’s just a personal conviction that you (or human beings in general) need to experience some type of chemical euphoria in order to live a full and happy existence.


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