How can I participate on this website?

We welcome your participation! Please rate the posts and articles you view- this will help us build our library and provide fresh, interesting content. You can also discuss any of our posts and articles in the comment section (view our Site Engagement Policy to review our moderation guidelines) below each.

You can submit questions to our Blogs or as FAQs.

We also welcome guest content: Submit a book review or a plug for your own book (see the book review/plug guidelines here,) or submit a guest blog post or article (see how to contribute guest content here.) It’s a great way to get a little exposure- we share all our new content on social media!

Is RecoverySI affiliated with any Colleges or Universities?

No, the training and coaching available from RecoverySI is oriented toward professionals who are motivated to learn and develop practical skills. College and University programs are great for learning theory and meeting formal requirements; RecoverySI fills another niche.

Can I get help with a particular problem or patient?

You can do keyword searches in our Resource Library for articles and other material related to a particular problem. You can also submit a question to the blog How to Talk so an Alcoholic Will Listen (professionals). (Although we cannot guarantee to answer every question!) Our Professional Coaching services can provide one-on-one ‘active mentoring’ to help meet a need or build skills in a special area.

Does RecoverySI offer training that will meet my Continuing Education (CEU) requirements?

Training that offers CEU certification will be identified in the training calendar. RecoverySI also offers many short, practical how-to trainings focused on a particular counseling challenge. We can also design custom training, which may be reviewed for CEU certification.

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