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If you are in recovery, we can:

  • Provide you with a whole range of tools and information to solve problems and increase your sober well-being.  Everything from coping with sleeplessness or anxiety in the early stages of recovery, to building a stable, healthy lifestyle that makes long-term sobriety not just possible but enjoyable. (Check out “Tools for Recovery” in our Library!)
  • Meet up with you on Social Media for encouragement and sharing: We believe that sharing stories (#sharingstories) is the key to sharing recovery, and that we are stronger together (#strongertogether) than we can be alone. We participate regularly in online media sharing like the Twitter-based “#AddictionChat” held every Wednesday evening.
  • Keep building the “Recovery Friendly Web“- a network of people, internet resources, and social media services focused on fighting stigma and providing a friendly, safe, welcoming community for all of us in recovery.

If you love someone who is, or who should be, in recovery, we can:

  • Provide you with a whole range of tools and information on helping someone you care about make the decision to get help (Check out “Intervention” in our Library!) Plus many more resources on helping you recover (addiction is a family disease, and recovery works best when everyone takes part,) on effective communication with a child, spouse or other loved one struggling with substance abuse, and much more.
  • Answer your questions in the “How to Talk so an Alcoholic Will Listen (families)” blog. Check it out–chances are you’ve asked some of these questions, too. The handy “Ask Scott” form gives you a place to ask your own question. You can participate in the discussion and provide stories and insights of your own to help others.
  • Offer Family Coaching services to help you assess if you are ready to do a successful intervention, select the best intervention and treatment options for someone you love, answer questions about intervention and prepare a “Do It Yourself” Intervention if that is the best option for your family- or help you find a qualified intervention pro in your area.

If you’re an addiction treatment clinician or recovery professional, we can:

  • Provide you with plenty of resources and tools to help develop your professional skills, like our “Counseling Skills” series of articles. Our library includes resources to help you address complex cases, understand interactions between addiction and co-occurring disorders, build techniques for using communication and leverage to help your clients achieve better outcomes and stronger recovery.
  • Give you a forum to talk about solving problems, finding new ideas, building skills, and sharing experiences in our “How to Talk so an Alcoholic Will Listen (clinicians)” blog. You can share your comments and suggestions with colleagues, or use the “Ask Scott” form to ask a question or provide a suggestion for a topic of your own.
  • Offer training and coaching for professionals. Our trainings focus on practice-oriented, case-based learning with lots of interaction and opportunities to try out new techniques and refer to your own experience and needs. Coaching is individual, one-on-one help with special topics, challenges and issues.

If you run an addiction treatment or recovery services program, we can:

  • Provide you with resources to build your program’s clinical and administrative excellence. Our Library has articles and resources to help you develop marketing strategies, compete effectively for contracts, ace compliance reviews, stay on top of the latest developments in research and practice, and manage day-to-day staffing and operations issues.
  • Help out with “Tips for Treatment Programs,” the blog that puts decades of operations management, program development, compliance systems expertise, and problem-solving experience at your service. Join in the discussion or use the “Ask Scott” form to provide a question or topic for the next blog post to answer.
  • Give you completely customized consulting help focused on your particular needs. Think of us as your “ace in the hole” for solving operational problems, developing new revenue sources, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, reducing the pain of payer-required clinical and administrative changes, and all kinds of other tricky challenges. We love working with small- and medium-size programs who can’t match the “big guys” for resources but have the passion and creativity to be excellent!




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