We’ve been publishing information here for addiction clinicians, people in recovery, families of people with addictive disease, and people who provide programs and services for treatment and recovery since 2011. More than 3,000 regular subscribers and countless other visitors seem to think it’s worth a click, so we have no plans to stop.

Recovery SI, also known as “https://old.treatmentandrecoverysystems.com” has been a WordPress site almost since the beginning- we found a home here quickly, and WordPress has served us well. We’re going to stay at this address, and on the WordPress platform, but we thought our regular readers should know: We’re preparing a change.

The Internet has changed a lot since 2011. And we’ve learned much about what we can do effectively with a site like this- and what we can’t do. Our overall goal remains the same: Provide quality, reliable information about addiction, treatment, and recovery.

If you’re a regular reader, you might have noticed our Home Page looks a little odd lately. You might have noticed that it’s no longer necessary to register on the site to download .pdf material. And a few other small things about how we organize information have already changed.

Coming soon, though, you’ll notice a BIG change: Our site is getting a makeover. There will be a new Home Page and a new look. We hope it will be a good change for all our readers who use tablets and phones and other mobile devices. We will be trying to make it a seamless change: If you are already a subscriber, your new post updates should show up right on time, Mondays and Thursdays. All the same information will still be here and we hope a new, enhanced search function and the new menu organization will make it easier to find.

It will be easier to comment, and we’ll be trying out a “rating” function to give you a one-click way to respond to new material.

If you notice any changes you dislike or any interruptions in your subscription service, please DO let us know! The links on our “Contact Us” page will help, as will our comments function.

A BIG thank you to all our readers for sharing the journey of recovery with us!

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