How can I participate on this website?

We welcome your participation! Please rate the posts and articles you view- this will help us build our library and provide fresh, interesting content. You can also discuss any of our posts and articles in the comment section (view our Site Engagement Policy to review our moderation guidelines) below each.

You can submit questions to our Blogs or as FAQs.

We also welcome guest content: Submit a book review or a plug for your own book (see the book review/plug guidelines here,) or submit a guest blog post or article (see how to contribute guest content here.) It’s a great way to get a little exposure- we share all our new content on social media!

Can RecoverySI do trainings just for our employees cost-effectively?

It’s probably not cost-effective for RecoverySI Principals or Associates to travel for live trainings just for your staff. Consider opening up a training session to colleagues at other programs to assist in recouping costs, or look at very cost-effective Online Training options that will be coming soon.

Can RecoverySI program materials be customized to comply with local treatment requirements?

Many RecoverySI materials are already compliant with SAMHSA recommendations for best practices in substance abuse treatment. If you have specific requirements, we may be able to modify or customize any materials you wish to license to meet your needs under a one-time consultation agreement. You may contact us to discuss your needs.

Can we use downloaded RecoverySI materials in our program?

All free materials can be used under the Creative Commons Noncommercial Sharealike License. We ask that you leave the RecoverySI copyright identification intact, but you are welcome to add your organization’s logo, name, etc. and make it fit with your own materials as needed. Pay-per-download materials may not be used commercially (that is, made part of your program materials) without a separate license agreement from RecoverySI. You may request a license agreement by email.

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