Recovery is a big room, with many doors.

– C. Scott McMillin

RecoverySI’s Principals and Associates represent decades of experience with addicted individuals, the families, friends, and workplaces affected by addiction, and the programs and systems created to help with recovery.

We’ve brought this experience to the Web, to make it available to everyone who wants help with recovery.

Our mission is simple: We want treatment to work better!

All of the resources on this website are focused on that purpose: to help with recovery.

  • We want to help people seeking recovery and their families and friends prepare for successful treatment and maintain sobriety.
  • We want to help treatment professionals build more powerful relationships with their clients and give them the resources they need to recover.
  • And we want to help programs and systems improve client engagement and retention, get better results from clinical programs, and keep their organizations healthy and functional in a tough, constantly-changing economic environment.

Neither this website, nor Recovery Systems Institute, LLC is affiliated with any treatment program, facility, or system. We do not accept advertising, payment, or gratuities from any treatment-related entities, and any treatment recommendations or referrals made by RecoverySI staff, Principals or Associates are made solely on the basis of appropriateness to individual needs.

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