Want to share a great book with the recovery-friendly web? We welcome author plugs and reader reviews of books and other resources:

  • For and by people in recovery, focused on helping us build strong and stable recovery. This can include books not strictly focused on addiction recovery- there are many great books on healthy living, mindfulness, spiritual practice, etc.
  • About counseling and treatment skills, professional development, and continuing education for addiction clinicians.
  • On understanding addiction problems among family members, intervention, getting help for addiction or alcoholism, building healthy relationships, parenting in families affected by addiction and/or mental illness, and other family-related issues.
  • Discussing research about addiction, treatment, or recovery, or social and public policy issues connected to addiction and building recovery-friendly communities.
  • Related to co-occurring disorders that challenge families and people struggling with addiction.
Author Plugs

Are you an author wanting to let people know about your book (that meets the above criteria, of course?) A “book plug” is your first-person description of what’s in your book, how the book came about, who you wrote it for, and what you think people will learn or like from your book if they read it. (It’s not your publisher’s marketing description of the book, or your jacket copy or blurb.) We’re happy to include a short author info/bio (25-35 words,) a cover image, and a link to an online outlet where people can obtain your book.

Reader Reviews

Have you just read a book that meets the above criteria, and you want to share it with others, or recommend it? Or discuss it? A “reader review” is your description of the book and what’s in it, why you want to share it, who you think will like it, what you think others might like or learn from it. It’s also very helpful to have a web-friendly image of the cover or package, and links to additional information such as a website or online bookstore page about the item.

All plugs and reviews should conform to our general content guidelines. Length can be flexible but somewhere around 300 words is usually pretty good.

We do reserve the right to proofread and make copy edits; if we’d like any substantive changes we’ll discuss them with you before posting.

Please note that book reviews are always published with comments enabled- we hope people will join the discussion! You can view our Site Engagement Policy here.

If you’d like to submit a review or plug, please contact us with the form below:




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