Relapse: What Threatens My SobrietyRelapse is the uncomfortable reality for so many of us in recovery, whether we’re ten weeks sober or ten years.  We try, we get sober, we feel great, we fall down, we pick ourselves up and try again.  Relapse doesn’t mean failure, but it does mean a great deal of pain and effort– pain that can be avoided if:

  • We know what our “relapse traps” or our “triggers” are;
  • We stay vigilant watching for them in our lives, and avoiding them when we can; and
  • We have a plan for dealing with them without drinking or using

This helpful and inspiring article supplied by our guest contributor SoberChrystal gives an intimate personal perspective on doing just that:

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What threatens my Sobriety… Not knowing what the problem is and Not knowing what the solution is…

Knowledge doesn’t work. Going to meetings doesn’t work. Praying or Wishing doesn’t work. Knowing my Triggers doesn’t work.

Knowing the solution and sharing it (working) with others is a Sure Way to prevent Relapse.

ho ho ho SantaC

Comment by SantaC — August 11, 2013 @ 12:33 pm

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